Corporate Team Building & Training Programe

If the answer to one or all of these questions above is ‘no’, then we can help!

We offer a wide variety of corporate team-building activities tailored to your company’s specific needs. These activities help capitalize on the strengths that your team already possesses and build on higher productivity, better communication and more creativity.

We have been serving most of successful organization in the region which includes, Banks, NGOs, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies, Parastatal, Learning institutions, Telecommunication companies, Manufacturing Industries and Technology Firms.

One of our favorite team building adventures, Team Performance Challenges brings to life theories and models about team dynamics and role identification. It’s a rich program, because it’s 100% facilitator-led with guided debriefs after each challenge. Our facilitators create an environment in which personal and team insights are shared and subsequent connections back to workplace issues are made by the team. We help your team discover their strengths, then leverage them to better address areas of development.

Small teams work through a series of activity stations; each takes 30-45 minutes, including a focused discussion about how to maximize individual involvement, plan effectively, and which leadership and participation roles work best. With dozens of activities in our repertoire, we can build a custom program that engages your team mentally and physically, helping them to evolve beyond their current level of performance.


● Creates a learning environment for team practice so that they can execute more effectively in the real world.

● Increases team morale through shared successes and performance breakthroughs.

● Engages a wide variety of learning styles through interactive challenges that serve as reference points for future training initiatives.

● Provides opportunities to strategize, collaborate and take on leadership roles (some for the first time).
The training process will consist of Group Dynamics / Activities, experiential learning Plenary Sessions, Lecture sessions and PowerPoint Presentations. For us to effectively solve issues within your organization, we (may) shall do a pre visit to your organization and engage with the employees on critical issues they feel affects their performance; this will enable us customize the training to address the issues.



● Better knowledge of oneself. (mastery of one’s self)
● Strengths and weaknesses.
● Limit

2.Environmental awareness (greening)

● Appreciation and conservation of the environment.
● Awareness of natural flora and fauna.
● Disposal of waste/litter/remains.
● Use of available natural resources without destruction/degradation of the environment.

3.Adaptability to new environment

● Ability to grasp and to put to use taught and learnt skills. i.e first aid, knots.

4.Interpersonal relationships/ interpersonal skills

● Interaction with others
● Compassion towards others, Co-operation, tenacity, honesty and support.
● Physical and mental support.
● Willingness to take up responsibility.

5.Development of eagerness to learn

● Develop curiosity
● Spirit experimentation.
● Willingness to bring up new ideas and intellectual capability.

6.Change of personal values and philosophies

●Improvements of personal attributes to make them better.

NB. Participants to come up with their own objectives, aspiration and expectations of the course.

● Leadership development through Teambuilding.
● Teamwork
● Communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
● Capacity building
● Dynamics of Stress Management.
● Problem solving/ decision making
● Enhancing initiative and innovation, to help the participants to think broadly, boldly and outside the box.
● Understanding personality temperaments / Types.
● Create the space and culture in which team work thrives.
● Review communication styles and their effects on internal and external customers.
● Increase sense of support, Trust and cooperation within the team.
● Appreciate the uniqueness of each individual at the work place and learn to focus on the strengths of others.
● Knowledge of basic Survival Techniques.
● Deal with individual and group resistance – change and Transition.
● Team Profiles
● Emotional Intelligence
● Personal Principles
● Human Needs
● Developing Teams
● Circle of Influence
● Recognizing and Utilizing Peoples Strengths
● Managing Change

Team building packages depends on a company’s budget and time allocation; this will advise on choice of the location. This includes

1-day team building – In this category the team building is scheduled to start in the morning and end in the evening. This will mostly be around (not far) from the location of the company.
In Nairobi, this can be organized in these locations
● Maasai Lodge in Rongai
● Rapids camp in Sagana
● Rolfs place Rongai
● Maasai Ostritch farm in Kitengela
● Sports View hotel Kasarani
● Karen hotels
● Karen country club
● Safari Park hotel

2-days 1-Night Team building – This is an overnight training programe and offers more outdoor time to the staff. This can be within Nairobi and outside Nairobi.
Common Locations Include;
● Naivasha hotels; Enashipai resort, cray fish, Sawela lodges, Great rift valley, lake Naivasha resort, Sopa lodge, Simba lodge, crater lake etc
● Nakuru hotels and lodges, Sarova Lion game lodge, Bontana, Hotel Cathy, Chesta Hotel, Kinste hotel, Waterbuck hotel etc
● Amboseli Lodges; AA lodge, Ol tukai Lodge, Kibo lodge, Sarova lodges, etc Mt. Kenya: sports man arms Nanyuki, Sweetwaters tented camp, Mt. Kenya Safari club, Naromoru river lodge etc

3-days 2-nights Team building – Locations include; Diani Reef, Baobab resort, diani sea lodge, leisure lodge, leopard beach resort etc This can include regions such as Eldoret, Kisumu, Maasai Mara, Baringo, Samburu among many others.

Team building package varies from place to place and also depends on the season; the rate would depend on your preference and choices, we will have a meeting with your team and agree on the services and facilities you require and provide a quote and breakdown of the same.

In most instances, the package will include; (some are optional if an institution has its own.)
● Transport; capacity depends on numbers.
● Professional Team instructors and equipment
● Branded materials: T-shirts, caps etc
● Accommodation plus full board meals, 10am and 4pm tea and snacks
● Conference room and facilities which may include writing pads and pens, projector, writing boards etc
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